“Experience the real bohemian nomadic life
disconnect from the digital world, reconnect with the real one!”

We are Florian and Mickaël. We founded the non profit organization Roulopa to promote our nomadic gypsy caravan guest house and other activities. Not only is this a new activity but a 10 year living together project. We live on the road, our horses pulling the wagons the guest house is one of them. This life changing metamorphosis and transition towards a voluntary simplicity is built for the future and shared along the way.

The Dragonfly wagon…

The Dragonfly wagon is our dwelling all year round and hosts our other activities (theater, music, open scene, sharing circles etc). It is our home sweet home with no white piqueted fence but such a large garden! This is where we create, try new crafts and it is the showroom of a new way of life. It is named after the wing shaped bedroom that opens up on the outside. This shifting wall is also an open scene for local artists, musicians, actors etc.

The Seahorse guest wagon…

Seahorse, the guest wagon is available for rent for a night, a weekend or more… follow our adventures in the last century nomadic roads between the south west of France and Brittany.

One step after the other live the bohemian life, at the horse speed, around a camp fire, singing to the stars, listening to gypsy music.

“The aim of our adventure is to shift your head and turn it toward a new planet, a greater horizon, plant seeds of happiness.”

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200km plus tard, 5 mois et des bouchons!

Aux dernières nouvelles (3 octobre 2019), nous testions le nouveau convoi (roulotte+calèche en mode remorque) avec Zorba et Victor en paire. L'essai concluant (après modification du système de freinage et adaptation des harnais), nous finissions d'aider nos amis Manu...

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Itinérance de Vautebis à Vausseroux : le grand test!

Après 3 mois de semi arrêt (nous avons tourné dans le secteur de Vautebis et Vausseroux d'un pré à l'autre), nous voila prêt pour faire un test grandeur nature. Manu Davignon nous coach (ou nous coche?) pour caler la paire Zorba / Victor et vérifier notre nouveau...

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