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“the Seahorse gypsy wagon, share a truelly unforgatable experience!”

 Proposed and operated by the Roulopa NPO, the Seahorse guest wagon is open for holidayers from Mai to October.

We travel and live in the wagon all year round. For the summer our gypsy house becomes your guest wagon!

Your family will experience a slow and quiet holiday in a peaceful environment.

The camp site varies from one year to the next. Please check our exact location prior to booking.

 2024 the camp will be set in Côte d’Armor, 35 km from the seaside, not far from Guingamp (22), Lannion or Perros Guirrec in central Brittany.

we are living our dream and would like to share it with you!

Parcours entre estives depuis 2018
parcours 2022

“Join the adventure, live the bohemian life!


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