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“Experience the real bohemian life
disconnect from the digital world, reconnect with the real one!”

We are Florian and Mickaël. We founded the non profit organization Roulopa to promote our nomadic gypsy caravan guest house and other activities. Not only is this a new activity but a 10 year living together project. We live on the road, our horses pulling the wagons the guest house is one of them. This life changing metamorphosis and transition towards a voluntary simplicity is built for the future and shared along the way.

July 2020 : 180km towards Brittany (Morbihan)

January to June 2020 : 40km then lock down north of Angers (49)

December 2019 : 180km towards Anjou within 15 days!

May to December 2019 : conversion of the new guest wagon onto a living wagon, sale of the previous wagon, new carriage, new equipment and horse and change of pulling method (pair)

May 2019 : accident on the road with a lorry

april to May 2019 : crossing of the Deux Sèvres department

September to April 2019 : 150km/300km (training)

wintering at Saint Fraigne (16) dec 2018 – April 2019

2019 : April 28km / May 60km /June July August 65km


The Dragonfly wagon…

The Dragonfly wagon was our dwelling all year round and hosts our other activities (theater, music, open scene, sharing circles etc). It was our home sweet home with no white piqueted fence but such a large garden! This is where we created, tried new crafts and it was the showroom of a new way of life. It was named after the wing shaped bedroom that opens up on the outside. This shifting wall is also an open scene for local artists, musicians, actors etc.

The new Hippocamp’buse wagon…

This new wagon, created in 2019 is now our dwelling as well as the seasonnal guest wagon.

It is available to rent for a night, a weekend or more during the dry season… follow our adventures in the last century nomadic Brittany.

One step after the other live the bohemian life, with the horses, around a camp fire, singing to the stars, listening to gypsy music.

“The aim of our adventure is to shift your head and turn it toward a new planet, a greater horizon, plant seeds of happiness.”

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everybody is looking …

everybody is looking …

.... for somebody, certainly. It could have been for a cat also as we have recently lost our gipsy cat Pela in a car accident. This kind of event does set things straight in your head. For now, we concentrate on the project, we wake up from a lethargic holiday week....

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seeking groom for horse drawn caravan gypsy convoy

seeking groom for horse drawn caravan gypsy convoy

The Roulopa non proft organisation is seeking its grooms for the 2018 season. You wish to spend ecological, useful holidays with us? Become one of our volunteer grooms!   Accompany th econvoy, you will be hosted in th eDragonfly wagon or in a tent. Help groom the...

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horse drawn caravan life project seeking partnerships !

horse drawn caravan life project seeking partnerships !

Are you looking for ways to promote your innovative products, services and ideas? Would you like to reach your target audience right where their interests lie? Would you like to promote alternative ways of living, producing energy, transport, education, eating... ?...

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