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Wer wir sind?

We are Florian and Mickaël, your hosts and carriage drivers for the duration of your stay. But that’s not all folks! We have always had crazy projects, this one is the last to date.

It all started when we decided that our civil union would turn into an eco-friendly festival. Then we started building straw bale house. Living on the road with horse pulled wagons, sharing our adventures to people willing to exprience a new way of life  was not so unexpected coming from us.  You have to know that the Seahorse and Dragonfly wagons are not just a guest house and an open invitation to curiousity and knowledge sharing in fact, they are real medium for opening up to all and share our life with you. This project took 4 years to mature, thoroughly, with a solid construction base but also a dreamy side to it.


“The horizon will be our limit, the Earth our garden!“

Florian is has a 15 year background of horseback riding. He is a kids carer and a gamebrarian. He loots the idea like a bee. Mickaël has a career in public services and civil engineering. He is the architect of the project. Florian feeds him the project he is building. Within 10 years of common life, we created several associations (non profit organisations) promoting of form of togetherness, helping our fellow neigbourghs in a rural area.


Why live in horse drawn caravans?

we are all seeking freedom, the true one, the one we can see in the movies or read in the romantic books. We aim to regain our free spirit, cultivate emancipation, these are our light motivs.


What are our objectives?

Freedom is not a goal but a just cause. We have laways wished to share our activities and knowledge.  Thanks to the associations we created or were part of, for numerous years, we have collected knowledges, shared them and spread alternative ways of doing and building a social way of life. We created a web of friends eager to learn. We have demonstrated, shared, set an example for an alternative world, there are alterntives!

What is it like to live the bohemian life?

Nomadism is tainted with a certain „fleur bleu“ idea. If aiming for freedom is worth all the simplicity and the limitation in confort, this opens our eyes to a new way of understanding the world. Living, most of the time, outside brings us closer to nature. Our environment toughens us, our spirit and body is getting stronger.

What is it for you? never will you ever be in such harmony with yourself, having no geographical attachement, mother earth will become your garden.

Where are we going?

Strating in south west France, we will reach Brittany as a first destination.

Join us!

The seahorse and dragonfly wagons are not just caravans but ways to share our lifestyle, knowledge and let you be part of our lifes for a day or two.

„Be the change you want to see in the world“ as Gandhi used to say !