saturday 20th and sunday 21st of January 2018, We organized a participative welding project to adapt the Dragonfly wagon.

Rémi, Christophe, Hélène and Miguel were present and we thank them very much.

Miguel provided us with workshop and equipment and we were at work from 10am until nightfall.

Calculations questioning, trial and error in exchange for experience of the road, we realize that the work of the first day turns the trailer into a dragster … with a platform as high as 95cm … the next day, we lowered it by more than 20cm.

We were able to modify the front axle, raise the rear axle and lengthen the leader platform; unexpected!

A big boost that was, to us, a balm to the heart. A big thank you to you all, rollers, welders, friends and cooks. Still a great moment, hard, painful and catching but oh so warm and invigorating in these rainy days.