…. for somebody, certainly.

It could have been for a cat also as we have recently lost our gipsy cat Pela in a car accident.

This kind of event does set things straight in your head.

For now, we concentrate on the project, we wake up from a lethargic holiday week.

Let’s get ready and plan a little.

First things first, we need to finish the chassis and fix the opening side panel properly.

We are looking for experienced welders!

A lot more is to be done and might need a little help from you :

  • there is wood working to be done on the second Hippocampe roulotte (we have finally transported the chassis back to our place from Marco and Lena’s).
  • salvage boat sails or an equivalent material for making the side panel bed cover and the roof of the second roulotte.
  • gather small bamboos stick (2-3cm in diameter max for 2m30 long) for the flex-yourte structure. replaced by a bell tent with a central mat.
  • Salvage wood panels and cladding
  • install the new solar panel and move the existing on to the second roulotte. our solar panels proved to be too heavy, we are looking for lighter flexible panels.
  • Salvage long life batteries.

We are looking for experienced people who might help us with welding, wood working, electricity.

A few equipments or still to find or salvage :

  • 2 double bed futon mattress or enough wooden sheets to make two
  • linen wool for insulation
  • fireproof boat sail like fabric
  • industrial sawing machine (we have the thread)
  • wheel rim and tires (different sizes)

Wither you would have one of these items to give or sale or that you would have any skills you could put to good us providing we shelter and feed you, please contact us!